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For luggage and trolley cases

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for purchasing one of our luggage or trolley cases!

Each luggage case purchased in Singapore comes with a limited manufacturer warranty, the duration of which varies according to each series and model.

You may register your luggage for warranty using the form below. Do note that only the below brands will be accepted for repair at our luggage service centre.

For more info on repair, kindly head over to our luggage repair page. Should you require luggage repair or replacement of parts, kindly follow the instructions under the "Repair Enquiry" section of the page for our team to assist you.

Please note:
Kindly ensure that the file submitted in the form is the original purchase receipt from the store and not a tax refund receipt.

warranty brands.jpg


Luggage size

When you visit our repair centre,
If you have already submitted this form, you can simply provide your mobile number to our reception and they will be able to retrieve your records.

Do bring along your proof
of purchase (digital or physical copy accepted) when you bring your luggage to our service centre for repair.

Please keep a copy of the proof of purchase and photo of your luggage so that our team can serve you better.

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