From the iconic French designer label to the casual men outfitter, the brands herein showcases a deeper side of just fabric and style. 

Van Heusen, the classic American brand started way back in 1881, Pottsville, Pennsylvania and is now recognized as one of the most sought after men's business wear globally.

Delve into the rich heritage of each brand and discover their humble beginnings and their successes.

What inspires the contemporary men of today?

You decide. 


Seasoned travelers no longer view the luggage as just a suitcase with wheels but a functional necessity needed for transit.

Compare a luggage a decade ago and you will be astound at how technology have change the way we travel and how travel brands have consistently adapted to these changes.

From the various different body materials down to the very specifics of the wheel system, travel luggage are no longer child-play.

Explore why Victorinox and Delsey brands are the epitome of prestige leaders in this field and learn about their global dominance.

Travel ware or travel where?. 


Diversity in ladies handbags range from fashion chic to sophistication, colors and style, sling-on or tote.

Ask any ladies about their preferences and choices, you won't be getting the same answer twice. It depends on the occasion, the setting and the mood. Everything else, there is color to match.

Belgium brand, Hedgren possesses those attributes.
Be it an evening tote, a fancy clutch or a functional backpack, Hedgren never fail to surprise.