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The Swiss Tradition of Excellence

Nestled in the picturesque Jura region of Switzerland lies the storied legacy of Wenger, a brand synonymous with precision craftsmanship and timeless quality. Founded in 1893 as a humble knife factory, Wenger quickly rose to prominence for its innovative approach to knife-making and its commitment to Swiss heritage

Coloruful houses by the river

The Journey

Wenger's journey began over a century ago, driven by a passion for creating superior knives that combined functionality with impeccable design. What started as a local endeavour soon garnered international acclaim, solidifying Wenger as a cornerstone of Swiss craftsmanship.

In 2005, Wenger entered a new chapter when it was acquired by Victorinox, another renowned Swiss brand with a rich history of its own. This union marked a significant moment, bringing together two giants of Swiss knife-making under one roof. The acquisition paved the way for the brand to focus on other product collaborations and innovation while preserving Wenger's distinct identity.


Relaunch and Reinvention

Following the acquisition, Victorinox undertook the relaunch of the Wenger brand in 2014, reintroducing it with a renewed focus on its heritage and commitment to quality. Emblazoned with the slogan "A Swiss Company Since 1893," Wenger reaffirmed its dedication to upholding Swiss principles of design and craftsmanship. Their focus on travel luggage, bags and timepieces also took flight with their new brand directives.

At the heart of Wenger's ethos lies an unwavering dedication to offer Swiss quality to a reasonable pricepoint. Through decades of well-thought out functionality and adherence to stringent quality standards, Wenger continues to produce products that exceed expectations. Each Wenger product reflects a legacy of precision and reliability.

Virtues cemented since they started.


2024 and Beyond

As Wenger continues to evolve within the Victorinox family, its commitment to excellence remains steadfast. From its humble beginnings in Jura to its global recognition today, Wenger embodies the spirit of unmistakable Swiss craftsmanship. With a legacy built on innovation, quality, and a deep respect for tradition, Wenger products stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of Swiss ingenuity.

Whether you're new to this brand or a long-time admirer, Wenger invites you to experience the essence of Swiss craftsmanship firsthand. Discover why Wenger has remained a hallmark of quality for over a century—and why its legacy continues to thrive in the hearts and hands of enthusiasts worldwide.

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