Coarse Grater with Slip-Resistant Feet


It’s a grater, but not as you know it. Meet our user-friendly alternative to a traditional mandolin. Ergonomic, intuitive and utterly kitchen-savvy, our fruit and vegetable Grater scores as high on versatility as it does on safety. Effortlessly grate carrots, beetroot, apples and chocolate. Its slip-resistant silicone feet and additional cutouts ensure superior safety and maximum usability.


Key features


  • The fast track to precision grating for citrus fruit, vegetables and potatoes
  • Swiss made grater with razor-sharp precision blade
  • With stable blade protection for safe storage
  • Size: 262 x 67 x 27 mm
  • Weight:  77g

VICTORINOX Coarse-grained Grater

SKU: 7.6081.1