“A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.”

- Unknown

Father’s day is celebrated globally to recognize the contributions that fathers make to the lives of their children.

A day where we commemorate that distinctive father figure that shapes our lives.

He's the first man who carried us on his shoulder, taught us to ride our first bikes, brought us to our first fishing trip. 


Father's day is relatively less celebrated than Mother's day. That is one true hard fact in many Asian households where the man of the house usually takes 2nd spot compared to the one and only mother of his children.

Most Asian dads don't really mind the pale comparison as many of their forefathers were neither celebrated in the past.

To most Asian dads, it's just another day, celebrative or not. 

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Your Personalized Messages

My dad is a quiet and simple man. He never asked his children for anything. He is the first to leave for work in the morning and last to arrive home late into the night. He may be tired but still finds time to talk to us.

We appreciate you, Dad!

Happy Father's Day!

- Ethan Lim & Family 

My dad is just like the superhero Captain America. He leads the family from the front, he brings the family out to take part in recreational sporting "battles" and he establishes a disciplined but yet loving environment for us to grow and nurture in. Blessed Father's Day to my dearest daddy!

- Xin Chang Tan

Dad is the epitome of greatness. He gave so much and received so little, yet, he seldom complains nor lambaste on the situations.

He told me that "Life should be lived to the fullest and never regret the decisions I make in my life."

Thanks Dad for taking care of us as a family!

- Catherine Koh S.H

I think it is most appropriate to say that who I am right now, owes it to the man that shapes my life when I was young. His advice to me about integrity, selflessness and chivalry is now set in my own attitude as a young father. 

I will be a great father figure to my children as you to me as my pa. 

- Samuel Tan

I didn't choose my father but he chose me. 
He chose to give me a life, full of care and love.

My father is my first love and his love will never cease even when I am married and thousand of miles away.

Love you dad. 

Happy Father's Day

- Joycelyn Teo 

Daddy, you are the greatest.

I wish you good health and happiness and may your dreams come true.

Happy Father's Day.

- Xavier Soh

I never experienced the love of my mother because she passed when I was little. My dad played the dual role of a father and a mother in my years of growing up.

He never made me feel that I came from a single parent family because I was often showered with his love.

My dad is truly my hero!

Happy Father's Day.

- Tania Toh

Your eyes spoke of hardship,

yet your lips spoke of none.

Your wrinkled face spoke of weathered storms, yet your lips spoke of none.

Your harden hands spoke of grave fatigue, yet your lips spoke of none.

When your lips finally spoke,

you spoke of love to us. 

- Clara Wong