URS & inc - ladies fashion luggage lookbook

URS & inc is a premium Japanese designer brand that showcases the idiosyncratic and wildly popular subcultures of both Shibuya and Harajuku. Located in the heart of Tokyo, Harajuku is well renowned internationally as a youth’s mecca of Japanese street fashion. A collision of contrasting colors, abstract arts and flashy attitude are the key aesthetic elements that makes the Shibuya fashion district the hippest scene in Tokyo.

Combining that fashion forward trend of urbanized street fashion with an aftertaste of exquisite luxury, URS & inc is poised to reshape the way you travel and to indulge you with that unique experience of being a fashion arbiter, an international trendsetter and a refined connoisseur of abstract arts.

With a growing pool of modern women travelers in the last decade, the requirements of a luggage has drastically changed and revolutionized distinctively to suit their travel needs. A travelling luggage has inevitably become an essential part of their fashion wardrobe, a personal chic statement and a translation of contemporary feminism.

URS & inc is a monumental celebration of the modern women travelers, empowered by their individual taste for style and their own definition of trends.

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